Jobs and Economic Growth

Compassion and Fairness - The Common Sense Approach

"Our real objective is not just jobs but productive jobs--jobs that will mean more goods and services to consume. "

Milton Friedman, " Free to Choose: A Personal Statement"

Expansion of Federal Housing Administration

Steve supports a continuing extension of Federal Housing Administration mortgage loan limits. This maintains access to lower-interest home financing and provides needed funds for District 3 residents to buy and sell their homes.

Innovative business environment for American businesses

Steve advocates job creation by providing an innovative small businesses environment for American businesses. By enacting tax and regulatory relief, as well as improving access to capital for small businesses, we can help small businesses lead our way into a sustainable and lasting recovery.

Steve supports legislation to enact tax deductions that can be used for start-up expenses, eliminate payroll taxes for new hires, and to do away with capital gains taxes for the purchase of small business stock. Steve supports for small business support and relief so they can once again serve as the cornerstone to lifting our nation out of economic hardship.

Discourage Jobs Exporting

Steve advocates legislation to prevent corporations from shifting jobs and profits away from the United States. Steve supports closing corporate tax loopholes and is an advocate of the " Stop Corporate Inversions Act", which helps prevent U.S. corporations from reincorporating offshore to avoid paying U.S. income tax. Steve advocates legislation such as the " Bring Jobs Home Act", which would eliminate tax benefits for companies that send jobs overseas.

Fair Trade and Foreign Currency Manipulation

Steve advocates addressing the currency manipulation abuses from our trading partners who seek to devalue their currencies in an effort to make their goods cheaper and ours more expensive abroad.

Raising the Minimum Wage

Steve supports the " Fair Minimum Wage Act" , which would increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and index it to inflation thereafter. An increase in the minimum wage will ensure that millions of hard-working Americans can support themselves and will rapidly lift more than one million Americans out of poverty. It will also generate $22 billion in economic activity while creating 85,000 jobs.